General Announcements – Elections for 2014 – Slate of Officers


FOR 2014

This Slate of Officers, having agreed to serve in the directing of the Laurel Senior Friendship Club, will be presented to the Membership at the October General Meeting.  Any nominations from the floor will be added to this Slate.

                         PRESIDENT:                         Ron Mayhugh

                          VICE PRESIDENT:              Jim Gordon

                                                                        Tom Dernoga

                         2ND VICE PRESIDENT:       Eileen Pastore

                         3RD VICE PRESIDENT:       Millie Lindenberger

                         SECRETARY:                         Joyce Weir

                         ASST. SECRETARY:             Phyllis Ross

                         TREASURER:                         Betty Mannas

                         ASST. TREASURER:             Mary Shaheen

                                                                         Barbara Brent           

At the November General Meeting, the Election of Officers will be held.  All Officers will be elected for a one year term.

At the General Meeting in January the Officers will be installed.


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