General Meeting Minutes – September 11, 2013

General Meeting Minutes – September 11, 2013

The Laurel Senior Friendship Club met on September 11, 2013, at the Laurel/Beltsville Senior Activity Center.  President Ron Mayhugh opened the meeting at 10:30 am with a silent moment in remembrance of this day’s tragedy 12 years ago.  Chaplain Pauline Pivowar offered a prayer.  We followed with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Our choir gave us “This is My Country,” “Try to Remember” and “When the Saints Go Marching In.” 

Ron asked for a vote on last month’s proposed amendment to the Constitution to raise the age level for lifetime membership from 85 to 88 years of age.  A majority of the members present stood in agreement of this change.  Attendance was 115; and our greeters were Mary Jane Bodner and Kay Miller.

Margaret Field reported the New York trip is a go; the Wait Until Dark theater trip and the Wheeling Lights Festival trip have been cancelled.  Complete travel information is located elsewhere in this newsletter.  The Travel Committee has received some results from their survey; but they still need more information on exactly what trips would interest our members. 

Our Fund Raising Chairs, Jackie Sanders and Carol Koppal, had a Bag and Box Gift Sale this morning which was fun and a great success.  They will do this again next month.  Judy Palmer won $200 with the winning ticket from the 200 Club Raffle; and Lee Brangan and Mike Magruder won $50 each.  Mary Turner won the $100 WalMart Gift Card.  Jackie and Carol appreciate our help with their fund raising ideas.

Carol Kosydar reported that last month her committee sent 36 cards; made 26 calls; attended 2 viewings; received 4 pieces of equipment; and loaned out 1 piece of equipment.  She appreciates the items we donate for her gift baskets; and she thanked her committee members for the hospital and funeral home visits.

Curt Curtis reported that the Printmaster computer class is scheduled for October and Working with Digital Photos is scheduled for November.  Ron welcomed two new members and thanked the one person who brought dessert.

The 50/50 brought in $58 for the Treasury and $19 each for   Phyllis Ross, Joanne Garrison and Anna Cardone. 

Betty Mannas, our Treasurer, reported a profit last month; but she has not done a complete treasury report. She suggested we bring in new winter hats for the Center’s collection for those individuals in need.  There will also be a bowl available next month for donations to Park & Planning’s food collection.  Betty also reported 10 tables have been sold for the October Craft Show.  She also sent letters to all previous crafters and emails to newspapers and churches announcing this event.  She will also put an article in the Laurel local cable program.  Betty said she needs someone to take charge of the snack bar.

Ron found that two people used the shuttle this month. Therefore, he will try it again next month.

Jack Wittman introduced Craig Satchell who delighted us with his keyboard and our old favorites.

Pauline gave the benediction; and we adjourned at 12 noon.  


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