President’s Corner – September 2013

Presidents Corner



Good Morning Members,

At our August General Meeting the Executive Committee presented  an amendment to our Constitution, Article VIII: Membership  Section 5 which raises the age for a life membership from 85 to 88 years of age.   At our General Meeting in September, the members who were present stood up and voted  in favor of this  change.   This section of our constitution shall now read:  “Any member upon reaching 88 years of age and over will be eligible for a lifetime membership in which all future dues are waived.” Note, those members who already have a life membership shall be grandfathered in.  This change will become effective in 2014.  Thank you for voting to allow us to make this change.

Your Executive and Chairpersons Committees are working and planning to make the General Meetings more interesting and fun so that you will want to attend  them.  The attendance at these meetings has not been up to par.  Please know that those of you who have not been attending are missed. 

Our Nominating Committee is at work forming a Slate of Officers for next year; so if you are interested in running for any Office please let them know.

Members of the Laurel Fire Department will be our Guest Speakers for October.

            “Praise loudly – correct softly”. 

             God Bless,




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