General Announcements – 2013 in Review

We have celebrated life this past year with many good times and great accomplishments. Some of those times are listed below.

Our Bingo games have become a huge success and are growing in attendance
each week. We have many winners every week, and the door prizes are an
added pleasure.

Our Choir serenaded us with beautiful songs throughout the year.

Our Computer Lab classes are a big success. Many seniors are now becoming
computer whizes. Thanks to our most capable teachers (our own members).

The Decorating Committee adorned the tables for our General Meetings with
beautiful decorations that commemorated each special occasion.

Our Entertainment Committee provided entertainment by an Irish Sing-ALong
that helped us celebrate St. Patty’s day and Craig Satchell & his Keyboard
brought back many memories with old tunes. The Ft. Meade Honor
Guard & Sgt. Peterson celebrated Veterans Day and honored our MIA/POW
service members.

The Helping Hands Committee continues bringing cheer & comfort to our
under–the–weather members by sending cards, visiting, and providing medical
equipment as needed.

Our New Fund Raising Committee Chairs hit the floor running and ran several
successful raffles.

Our Travel Committee provided us with some fantastic trips i.e. a Caribbean
Cruise, the 9/11 Memorial in New York, and a Murder Mystery Train Ride to
name a few.

The New Member Orientation gained more volunteers. This important activity
continues to be a great way to have members become involved in Club

The 85+ Birthday Party was a huge success with entertainment by the New
Dimension Singers. Our eldest member who is 104 years young, Hilda Fyffe,
cut the Birthday cake.

Many of our Committees work behind the scenes to run our Club, i.e the Food
Service Committee, who schedules our caterers and gets us those delicious
meals; the Historian who maintains our historical data in lovely albums; the
Host & Hostess Committee members who greet us each meeting with their
beautiful smiles and make us feel right at home; the Membership Committee
members who maintain our records, provide our membership cards, and provide reports for Officers & other Committees; the Newsletter & Newsletter
Distribution Committee members who prepare and send our newsletters to us
each month to keep us abreast of what is going on; the Office Committee
members who run our office and handle all the everyday businesses of the
Club; the Publicity member who runs our Web Site and advertises our
Special Activities; the Telephone Committee members who wish us Happy
Birthday, inform us about the passing of a dear member, and alert us to any
emergencies; and the Videographer & Photographer who capture historical
pictures. These members work tirelessly without much recognition; so when
you see one of these members hard at work or get a call from one of them
thank them for their time and service.

It took about 200 Officers, Committee Chairs, Committee Members, and Special
Activity Members, without whom the Club would not operate, and who worked very hard, to provide us with a very fruitful, and enjoyable year.

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