General Meeting Minutes – November 13, 2013

General Meeting Minutes – November 13, 2013

The Laurel Senior Friendship Club met on November 13, 2013, at the Laurel-Beltsville Senior Activity Center. The Vice President, Jim Gordon, opened the meeting at 10:30 a.m.. Our Chaplain, Gloria Laura, offered a prayer. We had a very impressive presentation of the Colors by The Honor Guard from Ft Meade as we pledged Allegiance to our flag. Jim recognized all of our veterans who were present and thanked them for their service. Our Choir gave us America the Beautiful, Over the River, and Peace by the River. Jim gave the Treasurer’s report. The Club had a good monthly net profit due to Jackie and Carol’s fund raising activities. Today’s coffee fund brought in $20.25. The October Craft Show was also a success.

Our Treasurer, Betty Mannas, announced she is continuing the “Pocket Change for the Hungry” activity this month and next month. Lorraine Miller and the Rosie the Riveter group are collecting coupons for the military.

The Club will absorb part of the cost of December’s lunch by charging only $5.00 for it. Attendance was 121 individuals; and our greeters were Barbara Wargo and Dorothy Zagby.

Our Travel Coordinator, Margaret Field, announced we have sign-up sheets for several trips next year, including a Caribbean Cruise and a Niagara Falls trip.
Jackie Sanders, our Fund Raising Chair, thanked us for participating in the Bag and Box sale. She said they have sold many of the Club 200 tickets; and there are still about 20 tickets left to sell. The final drawing for the Club 200 raffle will be held at the January General Meeting. Both the Bakeless Bake sale and the Walmart gift card raised a promising amount of funds for the club. Jackie didn’t have a total yet on the Christmas tree raffle which is ongoing through December. This tree will contain several gift cards; including Red Lobster, Three Brothers, Boston Market, Silver Diner, and a nail salon. The total value of the Tree will be
around $200. A portion of this profit will go to the Ronald McDonald House. She thanked Esther Mills for the small raffles she conducts.

Jim welcomed new members; and thanked those members who brought desserts today. The 50/50 drawing resulted in $63 for the Treasury and $21 each to Dorothy Zagby, Barbara Hall, and Barbara Johnston. Since the election of officers for 2014 had only one contested office, that of First Vice President, the Secretary cast a single ballot for the election of all other Officers. After the ballots were counted, Tom Dernoga was elected as First Vice President.
Jim and Sergeant Peterson of the Air Force portrayed a very moving presentation of the missing man ceremony which remembers and honors all MIA/POWs. The Chaplain, Gloria Laura, gave the benediction;
and we adjourned at 11:30 a.m..

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