President’s Corner – February 2014

Presidents Corner

Good Morning Members,
I’m so glad the snow waited so we could have our General Meeting. Thanks to each one that attended the Meeting. It was so good to see each of you. Please note there is a void when you don’t come. YOU miss the friendship/fellowship around the lunch table sharing with each other; and we miss YOU.

“Too Blessed To Be Stressed” was our caterer and boy was it ever a delicious meal. The Glazed Salmon was tops! Several members told me how much they enjoyed the lunch. I believe, sometimes, we as members forget to express our appreciation to our Committees who serve so willingly but never get a “Thank You” from us. We don’t want to take them for granted! So, to the Food Service
Volunteers we express our deep and sincere appreciation for a job well done in serving our lunches every month.

Think about joining us for next month’s meeting. ―Nothing costs as much as caring— except not caring.
God Bless,


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