President’s Corner – August 2014

Presidents Corner

Hello members,
Last month I wrote that Vivian Colbert had resigned from being Co-Chair of our Fund Raising Committee. I was misinformed, Vivian did not resign and she is willing to assist a new Chair. So who can I count on to step up to lead this very important committee?

Joe & Carol Skladany, after serving as our Travel Committee Chair and Co-Chair for many, many years (while I was still in High School), will be stepping down. Joe and Carol have served our Club well, providing many enjoyable trips in and out of state. I know many of our members would say “Thank You Both” for the wonderful opportunities to travel to places we would never have been able to visit if you had not planned them for us. Again, on behalf of our members we say Thank You for your service over the years from which we have all benefited.

Wanda Bell, a member of our Travel Committee, has volunteered to step up and serve as our Travel Chair. Thank you Wanda. I know our members will be  looking forward to traveling along with you as you and your committee plan our trips for 2015.

“Your life is God’s gift to you; make it your gift to God”.
God Bless,


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