General Meeting Minutes – November 12, 2014

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The Laurel Senior Friendship Club met on November 12, 2014, at the Laurel/Beltsville Senior Activity Center. Vice President Eileen Pastore opened the meeting at 10:30a.m.; and Chaplain Gloria Laura offered a prayer. Our own Color Guard; comprised of Francis Bowles, Bill McMahon, Paul Heroux, and  George Spencer, presented the Colors. We followed with the Pledge of Allegiance. Our Choir then gave us “America the Beautiful”, “Harvest Home”, and the hymns of each military branch. Attendance was 125 individuals.

Our greeters were Shirley Denell and Mazie Coon. Carol Skladany conducted the unanimous election of next year’s officers. Our officers will be Ron Mayhugh,
President; Tom Dernoga, Vice President; Dominic Giachino, Second Vice President; Margaret Field, Third Vice President; Betty Mannas, Treasurer; Barbara Brent, Assistant Treasurer; Joyce Weir, Secretary; and Margot Thies, Assistant Secretary.

Pauline Pivowar won the $100 bill raffle. The 50/50 raffle resulted in $68 for the Treasury and $22 each for Millie Lindenberger, Bernie Buczynski, and Lee
Dunklee. “Esther’s Treasures” raffle brought in $76.

Eileen welcomed new members and thanked those who
brought desserts.

Carol Kosydar reported on the sick and announced she more than met her Bake Sale goal at the recent Craft Show. She made $318. During October, her committee sent 36 cards; made 25 calls; conducted three visits; attended
two viewings; had one piece of equipment returned; and lent out three pieces of equipment.

Joe Skladany reported that the last trip this year will be the BSO on December 14th. There are still a few openings for this trip. Some of the trips planned for next year are as follows: a Casino trip in March, a visit to Hershey Park in May, and a New England Cruise in October. Since we had to cancel some casino trips last year, we will see how the first one goes next year before planning additional ones.

Betty Mannas reported on our treasury. She needs some help trimming coupons for the military. She stated that the food items we brought in today will go to LARS. We will probably do this again next year in mid-summer, since that is when their need is greatest.  Nan Tripp will put a list of possible non-perishables in the newsletter next year. Betty is still exploring the cleaning situation for the donated coats. If Bergmann’s does the cleaning, the coats will be donated in Virginia. Also, she has information needed for the Wreaths Across America project which involves paying $15 for a wreath for a military grave you designate.

Eileen honored our many LSFC veterans. Chaplain Gloria Laura gave the benediction. After we adjourned at 12 noon, Jim Gordon conducted
the very poignant military “Missing Man Ceremony”.

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