President’s Corner – January 2015

Presidents CornerHello members,
I was disappointed, and I hope you were too, when the P.G. schools were delayed two hours; thus cancelling our January General Meeting. Our policy is we cancel our meeting when P.G. schools are on a delayed opening. The Executive Committee will discuss this policy at our February meeting.

The Installation of Officers will take place at the February General Meeting. I am
looking forward to another year of service to our Club in 2015; and I hope you are too!

The Executive Committee is looking into the fact that our expenditures are more than our income and trying to come up with a solution. I am concerned that some of our members are not staying for lunch each month. Lunch is a good opportunity for us to fellowship with each other. If there’s a reason why you are not staying for lunch, please come to me or call me on 301-725-6186. I just want to know if there is anything I can do to change this. I remember when I joined the Club in May 1998 we always had a large group staying for lunch.

I am sorry to report that our Storage Room was broken into recently. When Phyllis and Giles Mills Jr. brought supplies in for our Club, they found our plastic forks, spoons,and knives all over the floor and some of the shelves were rearranged. This occurred after Carol Kosydar had worked four hours putting items in order. Also, some of Esther Mills “Raffle Treasures” were taken. Giles went to Susan, our Center Assistant Director, and reported what had happened. Millie has arranged a meeting with Susan to discuss this problem. What a way to start a new year.

We have 66 members who have not paid their dues yet. This means these individuals will not be listed in our 2015 Membership Roster. Please stop by the office or mail your dues to our Membership Chair, Carol Cook.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone on February 11th.
“Compassion is understanding the troubles of others,
coupled with an urgent desire to help.”
God Bless,

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