The Laurel Senior Friendship Club met on February 11, 2015, at the Laurel-Beltsville Senior Activity Center. President Ron Mayhugh opened the meeting at
10:30 a.m. Chaplain Eileen Pastore offered a prayer. We followed with the Pledge of Allegiance; and our Choir gave us “Grand Old Flag,” “Have I Told You
Lately That I Love You,” and “Let it Snow, Let it Snow.”

Nan Tripp presided over the installation of this year’s officers. Ron reported that we now have 463 members. The Club lost 23 of our members last year, gained 32 new members, and 55 members have not yet paid their dues. Ron encouraged us to eat lunch here with our friends and sign up for the Club computer classes.

Tom Dernoga and Dominic Giachino are currently working on a new budget and have found that our expenses are more than our income. Ron reported that we
still need a Chair for the Program Committee. This activity involves finding an interesting speaker six times each year.

Ron expressed his personal appreciation to each of the Officers and Chairs. He also encouraged us to keep in touch with Lorraine Miller who recently moved to
Harmony Hall. Tom noticed that the only person who had not been appreciated was Ron himself. We responded with applause.

Ron presented Curt Curtis with a plaque honoring his 17 years of service and leadership to LSFC. This service included heading an 11 year ATLAS project
which ended in the building and furnishing of this senior activity center.

Our Fund Raising Committee is currently offering chances on a $50 Giant gift card. This card will be raffled off at the March general meeting.
Betty Mannas, Treasurer, reported on our treasury account.

Betty has found someone to deliver the Military Coupons that LSFC collects. Betty expressed her appreciation for our help in clipping them so we can continue to help military families.

She plans to head up the Flea Market /Craft Show scheduled for April 25th. She will be sending information letters to previous vendors.

Carol Kosydar, Chair of the Helping Hands Committee, reported that in January her committee sent 39 cards, made 40 calls, made five visits, and gave two gift baskets. Her total 2014 report is elsewhere in this newsletter. Carol also said someone from her Committee will visit Betty Nahas on her birthday, February
14, with balloons and birthday greetings. Carol thanked all those on her committee and thanked us for the help we gave her.

Wanda Bell, Chair of the Travel Committee, reported that the Delaware Park casino trip has been cancelled. Many trips are in place for this year and Wanda encouraged us to sign up for them. Wanda noted there is a lot to see on the Harrisburg/Hershey trip, and the state capitol is very impressive. Coming up in May is the Black Hills of South Dakota trip. In July an overnight trip to Atlantic City is scheduled. A train trip is also in the works.

Mike Boivin, Chair of the Computer Lab Committee, asked for our help in suggesting classes we would like to have conducted. He is working on a new class for Hallmark Card making and checking into the possibility of a one or two day class on specific subjects. He needs feed-back from the membership and would appreciate e-mails. Mike is also looking into whether any of our members would consider delivery of the LSFC Newsletter by e-mail.

The 50/50 raffle resulted in $59 for the Treasury and $19 each for Dottie Gilbert, Mary Barrett, and Dorothy Zagby. Some of “Esther’s Treasures” were raffled.
Ron welcomed new members and thanked those who brought desserts.

Our own Shari Pollard gave us a brief overview of African American history in Laurel dating back to the mid 1600’s. Did you know that in 1831 there were so
many freed slaves in Maryland that a law was passed ordering them to leave the state? Did you also know that Lincoln, at one point, put the Maryland legislators
in a dungeon at Fort McHenry to prevent them from voting to secede from the union? Lincoln couldn’t let Maryland go because he needed the railroads.

Eileen gave the benediction; and we adjourned at 12 noon.

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