Telephone Committee Update – April 2015

Telephone Committee Members

I asked the editor of this fine Newsletter to give me some space to let you know the 2015 Telephone Caller’s Directory will be ready for mailing in a week or two.
Mabel Wayne is our new Committee Chair. She previously held this position and when she heard we needed a replacement, she called and graciously volunteered. Welcome Mabel and thank you very much for volunteering. I know that you will certainly make my job easier!

Lorraine Miller, as most of you know, had to step down because of her health. She is now residing at Harmony Hall in Columbia. For those who want to send her a card to say hello and thank her for the many years of service she provided in this Chair position, her address is in the Helping Hands article in this month’s
newsletter. We are hoping, that as Lorraine regains her health, she will be able to attend our monthly meetings and maybe Bingo.

I want to thank Jane Stewart, Co-Chair, for stepping up and doing such a great job covering all the responsibilities of the Chair position, – Thank You Jane!
My thanks also goes to each and every Captain, every Co-Captain, and every Caller for doing such a great job!.

Betty Mannas
Telephone Coordinator

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