President’s Corner – April 2015

Presidents CornerThose of us who were in attendance at our March 11th General Meeting were able to receive our 2015 Membership Roster. I want to express our Club’s deep and sincere appreciation to Carol Cook, Jean McCollum, and Nan Tripp who presented our membership with a beautifully prepared Roster. Again, another job well done.

I was very pleased that 115 of our members were in attendance at our March Meeting. I would like to encourage all of our members to join us for our General
Meetings. When you stay home, (YOU) are missed.

On behalf of our Executive Committee we want to say to Jack Wittmann “THANK YOU” for arranging the Seasoned Players who gave us a very SPECIAL St Patrick’s Day Celebration. I want to commend all the members of this group, especially those members of our club, for a very enjoyable performance. We also want to express our appreciation to Doris Torrence, Director, Jo Ann Wittmann, our Pianist, and all the members of our choir who are very faithful and sound great every meeting.

I also want to say Thank You to our Food Service Committee Personal who are always ready to serve us at every meeting. They are Millie Lindenberger our Chair and our servers Iris Gorman, Carol Kosydar, Judy Palmer, Tommie Ronemus, Juliette Williams, Jean Flanick, Ramona Britt, Barbara and Joe Johnson, and Bob Dykes who prepares our coffee every meeting.
Thank YOU, Thank YOU!!
“The heart of prayer is prayer from the
God Bless,

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