President’s Corner – September 2015

Presidents Corner

Dear Members,
I would like to express my personal appreciation to our Officers: Tom Dernoga, Dominic Giachino, Margaret Field, Joyce Weir, Margot Thies, Betty Mannas, and
Barbara Brent. Each one of these individuals is a team player who is willing to express their feelings and helps us come to the right decisions in leading our Club. I know the membership appreciates their dedication. Sometimes we may disagree; but, we are in sync before we close our meetings.

I’m pleased with the 50th Anniversary Committee and appreciate each one who has volunteered to serve. We all are thankful that Nan Tripp and Dominic Giachino are leading this very Special Committee. I know YOU, the membership, will be pleased once the plans are presented by Nan. The committee has had two meetings; and members have stepped forward and volunteered to be responsible for specific committee jobs.

I will be looking for members to serve on our Nominating Committee. If you are interested, please call me ASAP – 301-725-6186.
Treasures on earth can’t compare with the treasures in heaven.
God Bless,

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