President’s Corner – February 10, 2016

Presidents CornerDear Members,
I was very pleased with our attendance at the General Meetings in January and
February. We had over 100 individuals each month. A special Thank YOU to each ONE who came out! I know it was very cold. We are very aware of the Center’s problem with the lack of parking. Some people have come for meetings and had to go home either because of no available spaces or having too far to walk. As you know, we tried for several months to have a shuttle service from the hospital parking lot to the Center; but no one wanted to park there, so we discontinued it. The Center wants us to try it again. The Executive Committee
plans to discuss this at our March Meeting.

Our Club also is in need of more storage space for our Bingo, Esther’s Treasure’s,
and other supplies. The Executive Committee wishes to express our special “Thank YOU” and Appreciation to our Bingo Team lead by Eileen Pastore and Margot Thies. The Bingo team members include Pat Harding, James Levan, Larry Johnson, Yang Gomez, Diane Bicjan, and others. This Team works with a
hundred or more Bingo players every Tuesday. They are doing a very special service for our Club. We have added additional new members to our Club because of our bingo activity. May I say a job well done by the team.
“A good leader is a good servant”
God Bless,


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