General Meeting Minutes – April 13, 2016

April 13, 2016
Joyce Weir, Secretary

The Laurel Senior Friendship Club met on April 13, 2016, at the Laurel-Beltsville Senior Activity Center. Third Vice President Margaret Field opened the meeting at 10:30am. Chaplain Pauline Pivowar offered a prayer. We followed with the Pledge of Allegiance; and our Choir sang “Anchors Away”, “Blue Skies”, and
“Moon River”.

Margaret welcomed new members and thanked our greeters, Jeane Kidwell and Dominic Giachino. Our Treasurer, Gail Johnson, reported March income and
expenses along with  a balance in the checking account. She announced that our 990 tax form, prepared by Terry Duarte our Tax Advisor, is ready to mail.

Our Fund Raising Chair, Barbara Dorney, reported that 96 tickets have sold so far for the 3 Day Condo Raffle. She suggested that we get together with friends to buy a table for the Flea Market. She also asked us to bring in any jewelry we would like to donate for this event.

Helping Hands Chair, Carol Kosydar, reported that during March her committee sent 42 cards; made 27 calls; made eight visits; attended two services; gave four gifts; lent out one piece of equipment; and had one piece of equipment returned.
Carol also said they are sending cards more often now, since members say they enjoy them so much.

Our Travel Chair, Wanda Bell, reported that our next trip is the Father’s Day Annapolis outing in June. In July we are going to the Harrington Casino. In August we are going to a Crab Feast which includes a bus tour and a cruise on the Honga River. She also reminded us that if we wait too long to sign up for the
October 50th Anniversary Cruise, cabins may not be available.

Our Entertainment Chair, Jack Wittman, thanked Wanda for taking care of our entertainers last month. Nan Tripp reminded us to get our tickets for the 50th Anniversary Dinner/Dance in September. She also said that this Friday, the 15th will be the deadline to sign up for the April 22nd Volunteer Appreciation luncheon.

Margaret announced the attendance of 120 individuals. She also asked for any information on a possible photographer which we need for the 88+ Birthday Party next month, the 50th Anniversary Dinner/Dance, and our other special events. Our President, Ron Mayhugh, needs to know of any individuals who are interested in this activity. Margaret also asked everyone to pick up the information about the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book and help us
seek sponsors for ads. Margaret then asked for volunteers to escort and serve our members at next month’s 88+ Birthday Party event.

The 50/50 Raffle resulted in $54 for the Treasury and $32 each to Howie Fenton and Christine Sheller. Esther’s Treasure’s Raffles also brought in $81.

Vice President Dominic Giachino introduced Robert Bodner (son of our member Mary Jane Bodner), a security specialist, who opened our eyes to many security threats and dangers to seniors who are the most vulnerable individuals. He can
make all his information available to us through Dominic.

Chaplain Pauline Pivowar gave the benediction; and we adjourned at 12 noon.


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