President’s Corner – July 2016

Presidents CornerDear Members,
I want to apologize to Millie Linderberger, Chair of our Food Service Committee, to her Committee members, and additional helpers who served our Honorees at our May Special Birthday Party Celebration Luncheon for not recognizing them in last month’s Newsletter. Everyone who served went out of their way to make sure every Honoree was served in a timely manner.

A very “Special Thank YOU” to the following members: Millie Linderberger, Margaret Baker, Millie Bartlett, Ramona Britt, Margaret Chandler, Terry Duarte,
Bob Dykes, Joanne Garrison, Iris Gorman, Jean Flannick, Barbara and Joe Johnston, Carol Klein, Carol Kosydar, Judy Palmer, Vera McDonald, Ruth McElroy, Claudia Raup, Tommie Ronemus, Laverne Schaffer, and Carol Skladany.

Our Picnic Lunch at the June General Meeting was enjoyed by all. I want to say “Thank YOU” to JoAnn Garrison who was so thoughtful and willing to help other
members by clearing off plates for them. This was special for her to do – that’s being part of a friendship club – helping older members of which I was one she helped!

“Joy comes from putting another’s need ahead of our own.”
God Bless,


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