President’s Corner – June 8, 2016

Presidents CornerDear Members,
I was happy to welcome 88 of our members to our annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. This is a time for the President to express the Club’s deep and sincere appreciation for all our volunteers that help make our Club what it is today. A very special Thank You to each one of you.

In recognition of our 50th anniversary year, I was especially honored as President, on behalf of our Club, to recognize six of our most dedicated volunteers who have served continuously for more than 20 years. These volunteers are as follows:

  • Jean Flanick: (26 yrs.)-served on the Telephone, Decorating,
    and Food Service Committees.
  • Pauline Pivowar: (25 yrs.)-served as Chair of the Entertainment
    Committee, Story Teller, Historian, Chaplain, and RSVP
    Coordinator for the Center.
  • Nan Tripp: (25 yrs.)- served on the Newsletter Dist. Committee,
    Chair of the Membership Committee, 3rd V.P., 2nd V.P.,
    President (10 yrs), Newsletter Editor, and many other
  • John Kalie:(23 yrs.) – served as Video Photographer and parade
    coordinator providing his Display Float for the annual Main
    Street Parade.
  • Helen Rushing:(23 yrs.)- serves on the Newsletter Distribution
    Committee and the Telephone Committee.
  • Joyce Weir: (23 yrs.) serves as Club Secretary, on the Telephone
    Committee, and also helps at our Craft Shows and Flea
    We are blessed to have these folks serve in our Club.

What a pleasure it was to see 152 individuals attending our 88+ Annual Birthday Party on May 11th, 2016. Mr. James Martell and Mrs. Jeanne Noe, two of our eldest attending members, cut the birthday cake. We were then entertained by Tony Cothran on the Guitar and our own singer Lin Spencer. This was a special meeting to honor our life members; and I’m sure they all enjoyed the fellowship
and delicious meal provided by “Miles of Smiles”. I want to thank our 3rd VP, Margaret Field, for arranging this event and obtaining corsages for the honorees; Joyce Weir for contacting all of our life members to make sure they were aware of the event and had received their invitations; our Host & Hostess Committee for ushering our honorees to their seats; and Nan Tripp who provided a beautiful program for the event. Thank You all for another job well done.

“Our love for God is only as real as our love
for our neighbor.”
God Bless,


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