President’s Corner – May 11, 2016

Presidents CornerDear Members,
I hope that all our members read our Newsletter to keep up with the activities that are planned for each month. Our Editor, Nan Tripp, continues to produce an outstanding Newsletter every month. Thanks Nan for a job well done. But of course, Nan does so much more for our Club.

For April’s General Meeting, “Miles of Smiles”, our Caterer provided Spaghetti & Meat Balls; Tossed Salad; and Roll and Butter which is my favorite meal. I’m happy to note our attendance of 120 individuals. Our attendance is improving. We had 63 people stay for lunch. I want to encourage our members to please sign up for lunch, not only for delicious meals but for fellowship with friends and for making new friends.

We had our New Member Orientation on March 23rd with 18 new members in attendance. Nan Tripp provided each member with a folder of information pertaining to all aspects of our Club. Our Officers and Chairs did a great job explaining the operations of our Club. Each speaker encouraged our new members to become involved in and participate in any committee activities that interest them. We had several members sign up! A very special “Thank You” to Diane Bicjan who arranged the slides for the presentation, made up new ones,
and also ran the slides. She put a lot of work into making sure the correct wording went with the appropriate slides – a job well done!

A special “Thank You” is extended to Paul and Sandy Heroux for picking up Donuts from All Saints Road Weis for every general meeting, which means they get up very early for that pick-up.

“The Bible is the bread of life, and it never gets stale.”
God Bless,


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