General Meeting Minutes – April 12, 2017

The Laurel Senior Friendship Club met on April 12, 2017, at the Laurel/Beltsville Senior Activity Center. President Margaret Field opened the meeting at 10:30a.m.. Chaplain Pauline Pivowar offered an April prayer on volunteers; and we followed with the
Pledge of Allegiance. Our Choir gave us “God Bless the USA”, “April Showers”, and “Blue Skies”.

Margaret welcomed new members and reminded us to pick up the new Membership
Roster. She also announced April 19th as the cut-off date to sign up for the Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon scheduled on April 26th. In order to include the coupon clippers for veterans as volunteers, we need to know their names. So please, be sure to include
your name and phone number when you return the coupons.

Margaret asked for our help in taking the shuttle next month for our May 10th Life Members Birthday Celebration. The shuttle will be available in the hospital parking lot, just before our entrance, from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30a.m. and from 12 noon to 1:30 p.m. in 15
minute intervals. We have asked for the shuttle for our May, November, and December general meetings, since they have the largest attendance. Attendance today was 120 individuals.

The greeters were Ann and Mike Mecanko.

Gail Johnson reported on our finances. The budget is on track; and we can always
use the interest from the investment account if necessary. This investment account is stable and in good hands with Lee Brangan.

Carol Kosydar reported her Helping Hands Committee sent 26 cards, made
18 calls, made three visits, attended one service during March, had one piece of equipment returned, and had one piece of equipment loaned out. She told us Howard Fenton and Sally Parks are now in the Cherry Lane Nursing Home. Carol also said Weis on All Saints Road has agreed to give us fresh cakes each month for our general meeting.

Our Travel chair, Pary Harris, has our first trip to Delaware Park Casino in May sold out. There is now only a waiting list. Our next trip is to Smith Island on September 21st for a cruise, a family style luncheon with their famous cake, and time to walk around the island. December 11th will be the Majestic Theater in Gettysburg featuring “A Christmas Carol” and a buffet lunch. Pary has been asked for a train trip, possibly in October.

Barbara Dorney announced that the Fund Raising Committee will be raffling the Beijo Purse this month and next month. The drawing will be at the May General Meeting. In September Barbara will have a jewelry sale. On June 15th we will have an opportunity
to ―Dine to Donate” with Applebee’s. If we have lunch there and give them the flyer, they will give 20 percent of our purchase to our Club. Be sure to get your flyer. The $25 gift cards were won by James Levan, Mildred Bartlett, Denise Havenner, and Mary Barrett.
Esther’s Treasures brought in $41. The 50/50 Raffle resulted in $67 for the Treasury and $33 each to Marie Janios and Denise Havenner.

Vice President Dominic Giachino introduced Robin Zahor, a registered nurse, who was asked to return after last year’s visit. Her very first words were to congratulate us all for being part of this Club and keeping our brains active. She was off to a good start; and she proceeded to explain that our brain is a very active computer made up of 100 billion neurons. She helped us out a little with some ideas on how to remember the name of
someone you just met. She was a very stimulating speaker.

Chaplain Pauline Pivowar gave the benediction; and we adjourned at 12 noon.
Respectfully submitted Joyce Weir.


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