General Meeting Minutes – August 8, 2016

The August 8th general meeting of the Laurel Senior Friendship Club was called to order at 10:30 am by Vice President, Tom Dernoga. Chaplain Dominic Giachino gave the invocation; after which we had the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag. The choir sang: “God Bless America”, “Good Ole Summer Time”, and “Let There Be Peace”. There were 130 individuals who attended the meeting. Two new members were introduced. Our greeters were Dominic and Jeane Giachino.

Our Treasurer, Gail Johnson provided a report on our finances.

There is a food drive currently going on at LSFC to help LARS. It will continue through the next meeting. Members are encouraged to donate canned/boxed foods whose dates have not expired.

Our Helping Hands Chair, Carol Kosydar, reported her committee sent 36 cards, made 19 calls, gave out two pieces of equipment, and received one piece of equipment. No visits or attendance at funerals were made.

Our Fund Raising Co-Chair, Barbara Dorney, needs help with the Craft Fair to be held on Saturday October 15. She especially needs to get the word out to the community. So,
make sure that members of any groups you belong to are encouraged to attend.

Our Travel Chair, Wanda Bell, reported that the next event is the crab feast on August 18. There are still 10 seats available. The October 6 Harrington trip has only a couple of seats left. Anyone who is interested in going on the cruise that hasn’t signed up yet should do so soon.

There were a lot of nice prizes won at Esther’s Raffle. The 50/50 raffle resulted in $22 each for Mary Jane Bodner, Ginger Shortt, and Pat Thornberry.

Mavreen Veihmeyer is attempting to start an introductory art class through LSFC . The class will consist of a demonstration at the beginning of the class and a critique at
the end of class. Topics covered will be changing shapes using shading and shadowing, creating a stilllife drawing in pencil with emphasis on design/composition, and introduction to watercolor and portraiture. Classes will last 4 weeks. Dates, times, and cost, are yet to be decided. If interested, or for more information, contact her at 301-776-
6264 or

Our Financial Advisor, Lee Brangan, advised members that if threatening calls are  received from the IRS you should just hang up. IRS does not call people on the

Dominic introduced our guest speaker, Linda Dennis from ―Partners in Care.‖ She said
―Partners in Care‖ is a non-profit organization created to provide help for older adults (50 and over.) It consists of neighbors helping neighbors mostly through providing
transportation and maintenance help. It is a much needed service and they are in need of helpers. There is no cost to join and hours of help can be earned by helping. The
Anne Arundel County Site can be reached at 410-544-4800 or Partnersincare.
org. Applications for membership and information were available at the meeting.

Dominic offered the Benediction; and lunch was provided by ―Miles of Smiles.‖
Respectfully Submitted,
Phyllis Ross, Acting Secretary

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