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General Meeting Minutes – March 9, 2016

MARCH 9, 2016
Joyce Weir, Secretary

The Laurel Senior Friendship Club met on March 9, 2016, at the Laurel- Beltsville Senior Activity Center. Vice President Dominic Giachino opened the
meeting at 10:30a.m.. Chaplain Pauline Pivowar offered a prayer. We followed with the Pledge of Allegiance; and our Choir sang “Bless This House”, “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”, and “I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover”, with a solo by Marcia Richards. Our Treasurer, Gail Johnson, reported February income and expenses.

Vice President Margaret Field said the 50th Anniversary Committee is preparing a 50th anniversary commemorative book and needs funds to publish it. She has written a letter to encourage our friends and businesses to donate or purchase an ad.

Dominic reported 125 individuals attended the meeting. Our greeters were Sandy Heroux and Jeane Kidwell.

Carol Kosydar reported that during February her Helping Hands Committee
sent 38 cards, made 15 calls, made four visits, gave two gifts, and lent out one
piece of equipment. She also said that Eileen Pastore was out of the hospital
and now in rehab.

Our Travel Chair, Wanda Bell, told us she had to cancel the Baltimore and the
Natural Bridge trips. This means the next trips will be as follows: in June the
Father’s Day Outing in Annapolis, in July the Harrington Casino, and in August
the Crab Feast. She reminded us that the prices for the 50th Anniversary Cruise are good only through March 15th. Wanda is working on the Wheeling trip in November and the BSO trip in December.

Barbara Dorney, our Fund Raising Co-Chair, announced that Margaret Field has donated her Ocean City condo for the “Three Nights in Ocean City Raffle” going on now. Tickets are $5 and the drawing will be in May. Our Flea Market, run by our Fund Raising Co-Chair Pat Harding, will be April 30.

Dominic reported that 74 tickets have been sold for the 50th Anniversary  Dinner/Dance. The 50/50 Raffle resulted in $68 for the Treasury and $22 each to Ginger Shortt, Evelyn Potter, and Bernie Buczynski. ―Esther’s Treasures‖ Raffles brought in $85.

Dominic adjourned the meeting at 11:00a.m. so that Wanda Bell could introduce the talented Musical Plummer Family, Father Frank and his three children. They have appeared at the White House and at Carnegie Hall. Dad, a great showman, began his musical career at age four and started his son, Tony, off at age three. Their piano selections were riveting. Theirs was a truly delightful, professional performance; and if you were not at today’s meeting, you missed a treat.

Chaplain Pauline Pivowar gave the benediction.

General Meeting Minutes – June 8, 2016

JUN 08, 2016
Phyllis Ross, Acting Secretary

The general meeting of the LSFC was called to order on June 8, 2016 by Vice President Tom Dernoga at the Laurel Beltsville Senior Activity Center.
Dominic Giachino gave the invocation after which we participated in the Pledge of Allegiance. The choir sang: ―Grand Ole Flag, ―Young at Heart, and ―By The Light of the Silvery Moon ―. Our greeters were Barbara Wargo and Dorothy
Zagby. New members Carol Gatto, Darlene Grace, and Dorothy Fleischman were introduced.

Our Treasurer, Gail Johnson, reported  income and expenses for the month. The Condo Raffle resulted in $793.00 profit and the Flea Market profit was $1047
after expenses. Gail said she has received new VISA cards from PNC bank.

Our Helping Hands Committee Chair, Carol Kosydar, thanked her helpers and those who made donations. The committee sent 32 cards, made 16 calls, and received two wheelchairs. The bake sale resulted in $283.00.

The Travel Committee Chair, Wanda Bell, said the Father’s Day outing on June 23 is a go, as well as the Harrington Casino Trip on July 20. There are still
openings for the Crab Feast Trip. Details for the December 17, BSO Trip will be out soon.

Nan Tripp reported that 103 individuals have signed up for the 50th Anniversary Gala in September. There is still more room for this event. The cut off date to sign up for the gala is the end of June.

The 50/50 Raffle resulted in $27 each for Hazel Patterson and Ann Mecanko. Several nice items were won at Esther’s Treasures Raffle.

Tom Dernoga said that we should spread the word that we now have a facebook page.

Dominic introduced our guest speaker, Senator Jim Rosapepe, who updated us on the State Government’s recent achievements. He said taxes weren’t raised nor were they cut. The main focus was to fully fund local schools and protect investment in local transportation improvements which includes increasing
MARC service and widening RT 198. He said the Laurel Train Station would not
close and there would be additions to the Racetrack Station. There are ongoing discussions with the University of Maryland Medical System with regard to Laurel Regional Hospital; and it is hoped that the hospital will not close. He then took questions on a number of subjects which included annexation, affordable
education, and location of a new FBI building.

Dominic gave the benediction; and the meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

General Meeting Minutes – May 11, 2016

The meeting was opened at 10:30am by President Ron Mayhugh. One hundred and fifty-two individuals were present. The greeters for the day were Angela Ellis and Laverne Schaffer. Second VP Dominic Giachino offered the Invocation; and
the president welcomed the life member honorees. The choir regaled with “The Caissons Go Rolling Along”, “Side By Side”, and “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”. We pledged allegiance to the Flag.

The membership joined in singing “Happy Birthday” as the two oldest honorees who were present cut the birthday cake.

In recognition of our 50th Anniversary, Nan Tripp welcomed the honorees
and recognized Lorraine Miller as the member and volunteer who has been a member of the Club the longest. Nan also introduced five new members.

Esther’s Treasures produced $39 for the Club and six lucky winners received
nice gifts. Jean McMahon was the winner of the Atlantic City Condo Raffle. The 50-50 raffle gave $78 to the Club and $26 each to Marcia Richards, Patricia Wright, and Hazel Reeves.

The meeting was adjourned; and the entertainment followed with Season Players Tony Cothran on the guitar and vocalist Lin Spencer. Pauline Pivowar gave the blessing; and we all enjoyed a delicious lunch catered by Miles Of Smiles.

Respectfully submitted by Asst. Sec.
Margot Thies.

General Meeting Minutes – April 13, 2016

April 13, 2016
Joyce Weir, Secretary

The Laurel Senior Friendship Club met on April 13, 2016, at the Laurel-Beltsville Senior Activity Center. Third Vice President Margaret Field opened the meeting at 10:30am. Chaplain Pauline Pivowar offered a prayer. We followed with the Pledge of Allegiance; and our Choir sang “Anchors Away”, “Blue Skies”, and
“Moon River”.

Margaret welcomed new members and thanked our greeters, Jeane Kidwell and Dominic Giachino. Our Treasurer, Gail Johnson, reported March income and
expenses along with  a balance in the checking account. She announced that our 990 tax form, prepared by Terry Duarte our Tax Advisor, is ready to mail.

Our Fund Raising Chair, Barbara Dorney, reported that 96 tickets have sold so far for the 3 Day Condo Raffle. She suggested that we get together with friends to buy a table for the Flea Market. She also asked us to bring in any jewelry we would like to donate for this event.

Helping Hands Chair, Carol Kosydar, reported that during March her committee sent 42 cards; made 27 calls; made eight visits; attended two services; gave four gifts; lent out one piece of equipment; and had one piece of equipment returned.
Carol also said they are sending cards more often now, since members say they enjoy them so much.

Our Travel Chair, Wanda Bell, reported that our next trip is the Father’s Day Annapolis outing in June. In July we are going to the Harrington Casino. In August we are going to a Crab Feast which includes a bus tour and a cruise on the Honga River. She also reminded us that if we wait too long to sign up for the
October 50th Anniversary Cruise, cabins may not be available.

Our Entertainment Chair, Jack Wittman, thanked Wanda for taking care of our entertainers last month. Nan Tripp reminded us to get our tickets for the 50th Anniversary Dinner/Dance in September. She also said that this Friday, the 15th will be the deadline to sign up for the April 22nd Volunteer Appreciation luncheon.

Margaret announced the attendance of 120 individuals. She also asked for any information on a possible photographer which we need for the 88+ Birthday Party next month, the 50th Anniversary Dinner/Dance, and our other special events. Our President, Ron Mayhugh, needs to know of any individuals who are interested in this activity. Margaret also asked everyone to pick up the information about the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book and help us
seek sponsors for ads. Margaret then asked for volunteers to escort and serve our members at next month’s 88+ Birthday Party event.

The 50/50 Raffle resulted in $54 for the Treasury and $32 each to Howie Fenton and Christine Sheller. Esther’s Treasure’s Raffles also brought in $81.

Vice President Dominic Giachino introduced Robert Bodner (son of our member Mary Jane Bodner), a security specialist, who opened our eyes to many security threats and dangers to seniors who are the most vulnerable individuals. He can
make all his information available to us through Dominic.

Chaplain Pauline Pivowar gave the benediction; and we adjourned at 12 noon.

General Meeting Minutes – February 10, 2016

Meeting Minutes HeaderFeb2016

The Laurel Senior Friendship Club met on February 10, 2016 at the Laurel-Beltsville Senior Activity Center. Vice President Dominic Giachino opened the meeting at 10:30 am; and Chaplain Eileen Pastore offered a prayer. We followed
with the Pledge of Allegiance; and our Choir sang “This Land is My Land”, “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”, and “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You.”

Our Treasurer, Gail Johnson, reported on our January income and expenses.  She has given our financial information to Terry Duarte, our Tax Consultant,
who will be preparing the 2015 tax forms.

Dominic reported 102 individuals in attendance. He thanked our greeters,
Shirley Denell and Bill McLaughlin, and welcomed new members. Carol Kosydar reported her Helping Hands Committee sent 49 cards, made 17 calls, and loaned out 2 pieces of equipment in January. She also thanked Naoko Altfeld and
Ramona Britt who do so much for the committee. Carol further asked us to give her a written note when we want her to remember something, instead of just telling her. She has a full report and comparison (elsewhere in this newsletter) of
how much the activities of the committee have increased in 2015 from

Nan Tripp reported that the Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon has
been changed to April 22. She also reminded us to enclose a self-addressed,
stamped envelope with our check to attend the 50th Anniversary Dinner/Dance in September.

In celebration of our 50th anniversary and Black History month, Nan
prepared a remembrance brochure of Catherine Brent, our President in
1999. Nan introduced Catherine’s family to us and we shared remembrances
of Catherine, whom we all remembered as a “classy lady with a soft elegant voice”. Catherine was a good friend to many of us and she would certainly
have wished us well in our 50th year. Catherine’s son-in-law remembered
how hard she and the family worked on our 33rd anniversary program.

Dominic suggested we think seriously about taking any of the computer
classes Mike Boivin is conducting. He introduced Ralph Birt who spoke to us about Benjamin Banneker, a black man. Benjamin was a contemporary of Washington and Jefferson, a very intelligent person, and a unique man for his time or any time. There is a museum in Baltimore dedicated to him.

The 50/50 raffle resulted in $82 for the Treasury and $41 each to Gail
Johnson and Joe Johnston. Lots of little treasures were raffled from Esther’s
collection and brought in $42. Chaplain Eileen Pastore gave the
benediction; and we adjourned at 12 noon.

General Meeting Minutes – January 13, 2016



The general meeting of the LSFC was opened on January 13th by President Ron Mayhugh. Chaplain Pauline Pivowar followed with a prayer. The pledge of  allegiance was followed by three songs from the choir.

The installation of officers for 2016 was conducted by Past President Nan Tripp. The Officers are: President, Ron Mayhugh; VP, Tom Dernoga; 2nd VP, Dominic Giachino; 3rd VP, Margaret Field; Treasurer, Gail Johnson; Assistant Treasurer,
Barbara Brent; Secretary, Joyce Weir; and Assistant Secretary, Margot Thies. Nan also gave a short biography of each officer’s history in the Club.

Nan also reported on the Club’s 50th anniversary celebration plans for a dinner/dance and the importance of getting tickets early. She also introduced all the members of the 50th Anniversary Committee. The members are: Chair, Nan Tripp; Co-Chair, Dominic Giachino; Wanda Bell; Barbara Brent; Carol Cook; Margaret Field; Jean Giachino; Sandy Heroux; Carol Kosydar; Ann Mecanko; Ron Mayhugh; Pauline Pivowar; Joyce Weir; and Jack Wittmann.

Our Treasurer, Gail Johnson reported on our checking account. The Helping Hands Committee report was given by Chair Carol Kosydar. Mike Bovin gave a report on the computer classes. Mike has several classes scheduled. However,
if there is not enough participation the classes may need to be cancelled.

Travel activities were reported by Chair Wanda Bell. The trip to see “My Fair Lady” was cancelled because not enough people signed up. A brief review of some of the upcoming trips was also given. Ron thanked the greeters of the
day Barbara Wargo and Dorothy Zagby. The two winners of the 50/50 Raffle ($29 each) were Jack Beall and Charlotte Watts. The drawing of “Esther’s Treasures” ended with some folks getting lovely gifts.

Dominic introduced our guest speaker, Faye Green. Ms. Green lived a number of years in Laurel and regaled us with a lot of memories of growing up in the area. A brief overview of her books and the sources of her inspiration were tied to her “roots” in Laurel. Dominic led a singing of “Happy Birthday” to Ron.

Tom Dernoga introduced Eddie Ricks, President of Laurel’s City Council. Mr. Ricks gave us a brief account of how things were progressing with the hospital and railroad discussions. He followed by wishing us a Happy 50th Anniversary

Pauline gave the benediction; and the meeting was adjourned at 12 Noon.

General Meeting Minutes – December 9, 2015


President, Ron Mayhugh opened the meeting with a welcome to everyone. The invocation was given by Chaplain Eileen Pastore. The Pledge of Allegiance was followed by the choir singing three songs.

Dominic Giachino, Budget Officer, presented the Treasurer’s Report. Our
greeters were Ann and Mike Mercanko who presented each guest with a tote bag and candy cane.

Ron introduced six new members. The 50/50 raffle and Esther’s Treasure raffle recipients were announced.

Nan Tripp gave an overview on what we can expect in 2016 for the celebration of our 50th anniversary.

The entertainment for the day was a Christmas Show by the New Dimensions. The Show was enjoyed by all. Eileen Pastore gave the blessing; and the meeting was adjourned at 12:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Margot Thies, Acting Secretary

General Meeting Minutes November 12, 2015

November 12, 2015
Margot Thies, Assist. Secretary

On November 12th, the General Meeting was opened at 10:30 am by 2nd Vice President Dominic Giachino. Chaplain Pauline Pivowar offered a reading in memory of those who have gone before us, Veterans and others. In honor of Veterans Day, the Colors were presented by Veterans Paul Heroux, Jim Gordon, and Harold Basey. The membership followed with the “Pledge of Allgiance”.
The choir led us in “God Bless America”, “Oh What a Beautiful Morning”, and “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”.

Dominic introduced the Veterans that were in attendance; and all Club members who are veterans were listed in a program. The program was handed out by
hostesses Phyllis Ross and Jane Hundertmark.

Our Treasurer, Betty Mannas, announced that she had to resign her position as Treasurer due to her health. Betty plans to remain active in the Club as Telephone Committee Coordinator and elsewhere as her health permits. The membership gave Betty a standing ovation for her many years of dedicated service.

Vice President Tom Dernoga announced that he had literature regarding the proposed changes at the hospital. He said that several alternatives have been mentioned. He also said there will be a support group leaving Laurel from the Municipal Building on Thursday Nov. 19 to rally in Annapolis against the hospitals closing of needed services.

Dominic introduced six new members, The Club is always glad to receive new members. There were a total of 120 individuals present at the meeting.
Helping Hands Committtee Chair, Carol Kosydar, reported her Committee sent 34 cards; made 19 calls; made three visits; gave two baskets; loaned out one piece of equipment; and received back five pieces of equipment. She welcomed back Harold Basey and Paul Heroux who have been sick for sometime. Carol said her Committee could use any cards anyone wants to donate. Carol also thanked everyone for helping and participating in the Craft Show. The bake sale table did very well. She did, however, express disappointment that more members did not support this Fund Raiser.

Our Travel Committee Chair, Wanda Bell, reported that Nov. 13th was the last day to sign-up for the American Music Theater Christmas Show Trip on Dec. 12th. There is a wait List. Departure time is 7:45 am from Liberty Grove Methodist Church and 8:00 am from Laurel Hospital Parking Lot. Return time will be 4:30 pm at Laurel and 4:45 pm at the Church.

Mike Bovin, Sr., Chair of the Computer Learning Facility, reported there were 10 classes available encompassing 40 days. Some classes are new; and a phone call to him with questions or signup would be appreciated. His phone No. is 301-776-4943.

Nan Tripp Introduced the Slate of Nominated Officers for 2016 and the membership unanimously elected them. They are as follows: President: Ron Mayhugh, Vice President: Tom Dernoga, 2nd Vice President: Dominic
Giachino, 3rd Vice President: Margaret Field, Treasurer: Gail Johnson, Assist. Treasurer: Barbara Brent, Secretary: Joyce Weir, and Assist. Secretary: Margot Thies.

The 50/50 Raffle brought in $123. The treasurer received $63 and $30 each was received by Tommie Ronemus and Denise Havenner. “Esthers Treasures” took in $104 (good job). A new Raffle, a “Basket of Bath & Beauty Care Products”, was started and tickets will be on sale next month with the drawing at the Dec. 9th General Meeting.

Dominic introduced the guest speaker, Tom Jones a 30 year veteran representing Post 248 in Temple Hills. The Laurel Post is also a member of the same Post Group. Mr. Jones spoke about the purpose and support the Legion

Jack Wittmann, our Entertainment Chair, reminded us that the “New Dimension Singers” would be our entertainment for the Dec. 9th General Meeting. He also mentioned that the Dec. lunch would be free.

The meeting adjourned at 11:35 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Margot Thies

General Meeting Minutes – October 14, 2015

October 14, 2015
Joyce Weir, Secretary

The Laurel Senior Friendship Club met on October 14, 2015, at the Laurel-Beltsville Senior Activity Center. Vice President Tom Dernoga opened the
meeting at 10:30 am; and Chaplain Gloria Laura offered a prayer. We followed with the Pledge of Allegiance; and our Choir sang “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”, “The Sound of Music”, and “Love Me Tender”.

Tom thanked our greeters, Ann and Mike Mecanko, who came dressed as a serious Priest & Nun. Ninety- five individuals attended the meeting. We also
had a beautiful witch with her broomstick in attendance, who had a hard time in the wind that morning. Tom welcomed four new members and reminded us
that next month’s meeting will be Thursday November 12, since November 11 is a holiday. Tom also encouraged all of us to come to our craft show on Saturday, November 7. He reported the Club’s income and expenses from last month and

The 50/50 Raffle resulted in $48 for the Treasury and $24 each to Anna Cordone and Charlotte Watts. Esther’s Treasures Raffle, combined with profit made from items sold at Bingo, brought in $110.

The Helping Hands Chair, Carol Kosydar, reported that during September her committee sent 36 cards; made 18 calls; made three visits; attended one funeral and one viewing; had two pieces of medical equipment returned; and loaned eight pieces of medical equipment out. She thanked everyone for their donations; and noted that she has enough money to purchase another transport wheelchair which is definitely needed. Carol asked that we let her know when we return any equipment. She encouraged us to support the November craft show by donating something for the Bake Sale table and by coming to buy from the crafters.

Millie Lindenberger reported on the results of the Nominating Committee which included Ann Mecanko, Shirley Denell, and Giles Mills. Millie asked if there were any nominations from the floor. There being none, she presented the slate of officers for 2016 which are as follows: Ron Mayhugh, President; Tom Dernoga, Vice President; Dominic Giachino, 2nd Vice President; Margaret Field, 3rd Vice President; Betty Mannas and Gail Johnson, Treasurer; Barbara Brent, Assistant Treasurer; Joyce Weir, Secretary; and Margot Thies, Assistant Secretary. The election will be held at our November 12 meeting and installation will take place at our January 2016 meeting.

Nan Tripp handed out rewards to our five members who wore Halloween costumes; and Eileen Pastore took their photos. Our Travel Chair, Wanda Bell, reported the cruise will sail on October 15; the Sight & Sound Theater is on schedule and has a waiting list; and the American Music Theater planned for December, a trip combined with her church, is also on schedule. Wanda also mentioned that the latest contract she received asked for payment 50 days before the trip. This is the reason we have to pay far ahead for the trips.

Jack Wittmann introduced the Seasoned Players. This talented group included some of our own members, our favorite pianist Jo Ann Wittmann and Lin &
Helen Spencer. They took us back to the 50’s with full crinoline petticoats under poodle skirts, Rock & Roll music favorites, memorable solos by Karen and Lin (in that gorgeous sparkly vest), and great guitar work by Tony Cothran. They were a wonderfully talented bunch; and everyone had a great time.

Chaplain Gloria Laura gave the benediction; and we adjourned at 12:00 noon.

General Meeting Minutes – August 12, 2015

SEP 2015 MinutesThe Laurel Senior Friendship Club met on August 12, 2015, at the Laurel-Beltsville Senior Activity Center. President Ron Mayhugh opened the meeting
at 10:30 a.m. Chaplain Eileen Pastore offered a prayer. We followed with the Pledge of Allegiance; and our Choir sang “The Star Spangled Banner”, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, and “May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You”. Our greeters were Barbara Wargo and Dorothy Zagby.

We had 100 individuals in attendance. Ron welcomed new members. Our Treasurer, Betty Mannas, reported on the checking account. We raffled off some of “Esther’s Treasures”. The 50/50 Raffle resulted in $50 for the Treasury and $25 each for Mary Barrett and George Sumner.

Our Helping Hands Chair, Carol Kosydar, reported that during July her committee sent 27 cards, made 22 calls, made three visits, attended one viewing,
loaned out three pieces of equipment, and had three pieces of equipment returned. She is running low on wheelchairs and would like any that are no longer needed to be returned.

Our Travel Chair, Wanda Bell, reported they had to cancel the “Over the Woods” theater trip. There are still seats available on the Grand Canyon, Pennsylvania
trip; the Cruise; and the Sight & Sound Theater trip coming later this year.

Nan Tripp announced that a group is working on next year’s celebration of our 50th anniversary. She wants to make it a whole year of celebration and would like any ideas from our members.

Our Entertainment Chair, Jack Wittmann, introduced Betty Timer, a very vivacious Greenbelt lady, who tested our knowledge of Maryland Trivia. It was
very stimulating, entertaining, and useful if we ever go on Jeopardy.

Chaplain Eileen Pastore gave the benediction; and we adjourned at 12:00 noon.