LSFC Officers


The purpose of the Laurel Senior Friendship Club is to meet the needs of older citizens by providing friend-ship, happiness, growth opportunities, and usefulness to the community. Additionally, the Club provides educational and recreational activities through its many programs.
The Laurel Senior Friendship Club has been in service since 1966. It is one of the largest Senior Clubs in the state of Maryland. The only way it has lasted this long is by the many volunteers who serve it so well.
The above members have volunteered and been chosen to lead our Club in these endeavors for another year. They have taken an oath denoting their willingness to assume these daunting responsibilities. Each one of them serves the Club in other capacities.

Our responsibility as members of the Club is to support them in carrying out these duties. How do we do that you might ask. Here are a few ways: by attending meetings; volunteering to serve on committees needed to run the Club; offering our skills for the benefit of others; and participating in Club activities.