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General Meeting Menu – July 13, 2016

PROGRAM: ―CRAIG SATCHELL – ―Sock Hop 60’s Rock & Roll

  • Baked Chicken
  • Scalloped Potatoes
  • Green Beans
  • Roll & Butter
  • Dessert

Members $5.00 Non-Members $8.00
(Lunches must be paid for in advance By the 1st wed of the month)


50th Anniversary Dinner Dance Tickets




One of Our Own is Honored


President’s Corner – July 2016

Presidents CornerDear Members,
I want to apologize to Millie Linderberger, Chair of our Food Service Committee, to her Committee members, and additional helpers who served our Honorees at our May Special Birthday Party Celebration Luncheon for not recognizing them in last month’s Newsletter. Everyone who served went out of their way to make sure every Honoree was served in a timely manner.

A very “Special Thank YOU” to the following members: Millie Linderberger, Margaret Baker, Millie Bartlett, Ramona Britt, Margaret Chandler, Terry Duarte,
Bob Dykes, Joanne Garrison, Iris Gorman, Jean Flannick, Barbara and Joe Johnston, Carol Klein, Carol Kosydar, Judy Palmer, Vera McDonald, Ruth McElroy, Claudia Raup, Tommie Ronemus, Laverne Schaffer, and Carol Skladany.

Our Picnic Lunch at the June General Meeting was enjoyed by all. I want to say “Thank YOU” to JoAnn Garrison who was so thoughtful and willing to help other
members by clearing off plates for them. This was special for her to do – that’s being part of a friendship club – helping older members of which I was one she helped!

“Joy comes from putting another’s need ahead of our own.”
God Bless,

President’s Corner – June 8, 2016

Presidents CornerDear Members,
I was happy to welcome 88 of our members to our annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. This is a time for the President to express the Club’s deep and sincere appreciation for all our volunteers that help make our Club what it is today. A very special Thank You to each one of you.

In recognition of our 50th anniversary year, I was especially honored as President, on behalf of our Club, to recognize six of our most dedicated volunteers who have served continuously for more than 20 years. These volunteers are as follows:

  • Jean Flanick: (26 yrs.)-served on the Telephone, Decorating,
    and Food Service Committees.
  • Pauline Pivowar: (25 yrs.)-served as Chair of the Entertainment
    Committee, Story Teller, Historian, Chaplain, and RSVP
    Coordinator for the Center.
  • Nan Tripp: (25 yrs.)- served on the Newsletter Dist. Committee,
    Chair of the Membership Committee, 3rd V.P., 2nd V.P.,
    President (10 yrs), Newsletter Editor, and many other
  • John Kalie:(23 yrs.) – served as Video Photographer and parade
    coordinator providing his Display Float for the annual Main
    Street Parade.
  • Helen Rushing:(23 yrs.)- serves on the Newsletter Distribution
    Committee and the Telephone Committee.
  • Joyce Weir: (23 yrs.) serves as Club Secretary, on the Telephone
    Committee, and also helps at our Craft Shows and Flea
    We are blessed to have these folks serve in our Club.

What a pleasure it was to see 152 individuals attending our 88+ Annual Birthday Party on May 11th, 2016. Mr. James Martell and Mrs. Jeanne Noe, two of our eldest attending members, cut the birthday cake. We were then entertained by Tony Cothran on the Guitar and our own singer Lin Spencer. This was a special meeting to honor our life members; and I’m sure they all enjoyed the fellowship
and delicious meal provided by “Miles of Smiles”. I want to thank our 3rd VP, Margaret Field, for arranging this event and obtaining corsages for the honorees; Joyce Weir for contacting all of our life members to make sure they were aware of the event and had received their invitations; our Host & Hostess Committee for ushering our honorees to their seats; and Nan Tripp who provided a beautiful program for the event. Thank You all for another job well done.

“Our love for God is only as real as our love
for our neighbor.”
God Bless,

President’s Corner – May 11, 2016

Presidents CornerDear Members,
I hope that all our members read our Newsletter to keep up with the activities that are planned for each month. Our Editor, Nan Tripp, continues to produce an outstanding Newsletter every month. Thanks Nan for a job well done. But of course, Nan does so much more for our Club.

For April’s General Meeting, “Miles of Smiles”, our Caterer provided Spaghetti & Meat Balls; Tossed Salad; and Roll and Butter which is my favorite meal. I’m happy to note our attendance of 120 individuals. Our attendance is improving. We had 63 people stay for lunch. I want to encourage our members to please sign up for lunch, not only for delicious meals but for fellowship with friends and for making new friends.

We had our New Member Orientation on March 23rd with 18 new members in attendance. Nan Tripp provided each member with a folder of information pertaining to all aspects of our Club. Our Officers and Chairs did a great job explaining the operations of our Club. Each speaker encouraged our new members to become involved in and participate in any committee activities that interest them. We had several members sign up! A very special “Thank You” to Diane Bicjan who arranged the slides for the presentation, made up new ones,
and also ran the slides. She put a lot of work into making sure the correct wording went with the appropriate slides – a job well done!

A special “Thank You” is extended to Paul and Sandy Heroux for picking up Donuts from All Saints Road Weis for every general meeting, which means they get up very early for that pick-up.

“The Bible is the bread of life, and it never gets stale.”
God Bless,

President’s Corner – April 13, 2016

Presidents CornerDear Members,
Again Thank You All for attending our March General Meeting. There were 125 in attendance. What a blessing it is to see so many of our Club members attending our meetings. I know we all were blessed to have “The Plummer Family” entertain us. What a talented and gifted family. To think Mr. Plummer has performed at the White House, Carnegie Hall, and in many other places in other countries. And to think we were fortunate enough to have them perform for us. A special thanks to Wanda Bell who recommended them to Jack Wittmann, our Entertainment Chair. In observing the reaction from our members during their performance, I know that we all enjoyed them to the fullest. Please know they will be invited to come back next year. Dominic and Jack have scheduled speakers and entertainment for the rest of the year –
good job men – you work well together.

I want to encourage our members to sign up for our Dinner/Dance in September and our October Cruise. Our 50th Anniversary only comes once in a life time. So, don’t miss any meetings/activities that our Anniversary Committee has planned.

Its my honor to serve as your President –
Thank you!
Music washes from the soul the dust of every day life.
God Bless,

President’s Corner – March 9, 2016

Presidents Corner

Dear Members,
I was very pleased with our attendance at the General Meetings in January and February. We had over 100 individuals each month. A special Thank YOU to  each ONE who came out! I know it was very cold.

We are very aware of the Center’s problem with the lack of parking. Some people
have come for meetings and had to go home either because of no available spaces or having too far to walk. As you know, we tried for several months to have a shuttle service from the hospital parking lot to the Center; but no one wanted to park there, so we discontinued it. The Center wants us to try it again. The Executive Committee plans to discuss this at our March Meeting.

Our Club also is in need of more storage space for our Bingo, Esther’s Treasures,
and other supplies.

The Executive Committee wishes to express our special “Thank YOU” and Appreciation to our Bingo Team lead by Eileen Pastore and Margot Thies. The Bingo team members include Pat Harding, James Levan, Larry Johnson, Yang Gomez, Diane Bicjan, and others. This Team works with a hundred or more Bingo players every Tuesday. They are doing a very special service for our Club. We have added additional new members to our Club because of our bingo activity. May I say a job well done by the team.
“A good leader is a good servant”
God Bless,

General Meeting Minutes – March 9, 2016

MARCH 9, 2016
Joyce Weir, Secretary

The Laurel Senior Friendship Club met on March 9, 2016, at the Laurel- Beltsville Senior Activity Center. Vice President Dominic Giachino opened the
meeting at 10:30a.m.. Chaplain Pauline Pivowar offered a prayer. We followed with the Pledge of Allegiance; and our Choir sang “Bless This House”, “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”, and “I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover”, with a solo by Marcia Richards. Our Treasurer, Gail Johnson, reported February income and expenses.

Vice President Margaret Field said the 50th Anniversary Committee is preparing a 50th anniversary commemorative book and needs funds to publish it. She has written a letter to encourage our friends and businesses to donate or purchase an ad.

Dominic reported 125 individuals attended the meeting. Our greeters were Sandy Heroux and Jeane Kidwell.

Carol Kosydar reported that during February her Helping Hands Committee
sent 38 cards, made 15 calls, made four visits, gave two gifts, and lent out one
piece of equipment. She also said that Eileen Pastore was out of the hospital
and now in rehab.

Our Travel Chair, Wanda Bell, told us she had to cancel the Baltimore and the
Natural Bridge trips. This means the next trips will be as follows: in June the
Father’s Day Outing in Annapolis, in July the Harrington Casino, and in August
the Crab Feast. She reminded us that the prices for the 50th Anniversary Cruise are good only through March 15th. Wanda is working on the Wheeling trip in November and the BSO trip in December.

Barbara Dorney, our Fund Raising Co-Chair, announced that Margaret Field has donated her Ocean City condo for the “Three Nights in Ocean City Raffle” going on now. Tickets are $5 and the drawing will be in May. Our Flea Market, run by our Fund Raising Co-Chair Pat Harding, will be April 30.

Dominic reported that 74 tickets have been sold for the 50th Anniversary  Dinner/Dance. The 50/50 Raffle resulted in $68 for the Treasury and $22 each to Ginger Shortt, Evelyn Potter, and Bernie Buczynski. ―Esther’s Treasures‖ Raffles brought in $85.

Dominic adjourned the meeting at 11:00a.m. so that Wanda Bell could introduce the talented Musical Plummer Family, Father Frank and his three children. They have appeared at the White House and at Carnegie Hall. Dad, a great showman, began his musical career at age four and started his son, Tony, off at age three. Their piano selections were riveting. Theirs was a truly delightful, professional performance; and if you were not at today’s meeting, you missed a treat.

Chaplain Pauline Pivowar gave the benediction.

General Meeting Minutes – June 8, 2016

JUN 08, 2016
Phyllis Ross, Acting Secretary

The general meeting of the LSFC was called to order on June 8, 2016 by Vice President Tom Dernoga at the Laurel Beltsville Senior Activity Center.
Dominic Giachino gave the invocation after which we participated in the Pledge of Allegiance. The choir sang: ―Grand Ole Flag, ―Young at Heart, and ―By The Light of the Silvery Moon ―. Our greeters were Barbara Wargo and Dorothy
Zagby. New members Carol Gatto, Darlene Grace, and Dorothy Fleischman were introduced.

Our Treasurer, Gail Johnson, reported  income and expenses for the month. The Condo Raffle resulted in $793.00 profit and the Flea Market profit was $1047
after expenses. Gail said she has received new VISA cards from PNC bank.

Our Helping Hands Committee Chair, Carol Kosydar, thanked her helpers and those who made donations. The committee sent 32 cards, made 16 calls, and received two wheelchairs. The bake sale resulted in $283.00.

The Travel Committee Chair, Wanda Bell, said the Father’s Day outing on June 23 is a go, as well as the Harrington Casino Trip on July 20. There are still
openings for the Crab Feast Trip. Details for the December 17, BSO Trip will be out soon.

Nan Tripp reported that 103 individuals have signed up for the 50th Anniversary Gala in September. There is still more room for this event. The cut off date to sign up for the gala is the end of June.

The 50/50 Raffle resulted in $27 each for Hazel Patterson and Ann Mecanko. Several nice items were won at Esther’s Treasures Raffle.

Tom Dernoga said that we should spread the word that we now have a facebook page.

Dominic introduced our guest speaker, Senator Jim Rosapepe, who updated us on the State Government’s recent achievements. He said taxes weren’t raised nor were they cut. The main focus was to fully fund local schools and protect investment in local transportation improvements which includes increasing
MARC service and widening RT 198. He said the Laurel Train Station would not
close and there would be additions to the Racetrack Station. There are ongoing discussions with the University of Maryland Medical System with regard to Laurel Regional Hospital; and it is hoped that the hospital will not close. He then took questions on a number of subjects which included annexation, affordable
education, and location of a new FBI building.

Dominic gave the benediction; and the meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.