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BEWARE – Identity Thieves Target Ailing Seniors

BEWARE! Identity Thieves


Flea Market/Craft Show – April 2014

FLEA MARKET POSTERTo sign up for a table please complete and submit this form to the LSFC office:  April 2014 Craft/Flea Market Application


March/April 2014 Fundraising

March 2014 Fundraising

President’s Corner – February 2014

Presidents Corner

Good Morning Members,
I’m so glad the snow waited so we could have our General Meeting. Thanks to each one that attended the Meeting. It was so good to see each of you. Please note there is a void when you don’t come. YOU miss the friendship/fellowship around the lunch table sharing with each other; and we miss YOU.

“Too Blessed To Be Stressed” was our caterer and boy was it ever a delicious meal. The Glazed Salmon was tops! Several members told me how much they enjoyed the lunch. I believe, sometimes, we as members forget to express our appreciation to our Committees who serve so willingly but never get a “Thank You” from us. We don’t want to take them for granted! So, to the Food Service
Volunteers we express our deep and sincere appreciation for a job well done in serving our lunches every month.

Think about joining us for next month’s meeting. ―Nothing costs as much as caring— except not caring.
God Bless,

General Meeting Minutes – Febuary 12, 2014

The Laurel Senior Friendship Club met on February 12, 2014, at the Laurel-Beltsville Senior Activity Center. Vice President Eileen Pastore opened the meeting at 10:30 a.m. with a prayer. We followed with the Pledge of Allegiance;
and our Choir gave us ―You’re a Grand Old Flag, ―Love Me Tender and ―Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.

Betty Mannas reported on the Treasury. The date of the Flea Market/Craft Show has been changed to April 26, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Betty also reported that
Lorraine Miller is collecting coupons that will go to the military. The Valentines we received today were put together by Nan Tripp. Our greeters were Sandy and Paul Heroux; and our attendance was 109 individuals.

Eileen introduced new members and read a thank you note from Mary Beth Dugan our past Center Director. Jackie Sanders reported that she has a new co-chair (also a new Club member) Vivian Colbert. They have previously worked
together; and we are glad to welcome Vivian to the Club. Jackie has new ideas for fund raising but she would also like to hear our ideas. She will have a small Fund
Raising box available for us to place our ideas in. Her next project is a hand painted Easter Egg tree featuring a $100 Visa card.

Several items were raffled. The 50/50 resulted in $58 for the Treasury and $29 each to Iris Gorman and Douglas Rhodes. Carol Kosydar reported that her committee sent 36 cards, made 29 calls, made three hospital visits, attended three viewings, and received one donation in January. Carol also said Ramona Britt will be taking over while she is on a cruise.

Joe Skladany reported on the Caribbean Cruise this month. The Harrington Casino trip in March needs two more people; and a new trip to the Totem Pole Playhouse is planned for July.

Eileen said we still need a Program Chair. She explained that this position involves finding a speaker, on subjects of interest to seniors, 4 or 5 times a year.
Jack Wittmann, our Entertainment Chair, has an Irish trivia quiz scheduled for March.

Eileen asked if we wanted to participate in the Main Street Festival on May 10th. Betty Mannas is trying to find a convertible for our President to ride in; and
John Kalie said the float is still available. Since there was a positive response, we were asked to sign up today. The float needs 24 people. Eileen gave a special
thank you to those who brought desserts and those who set up the coffee and pastries.

Ron Mayhugh told us we will no longer be getting bread from the Giant. New regulations require the bread to be returned to the distributers. Eileen asked us for caterer suggestions for next year. We have already contracted for caterers this

Eileen gave the benediction; and we adjourned at 11:30 a.m. to participate in a fun quiz on the Presidents, Black History, and some miscellaneous trivia questions.

New Travel Brochures added to the Travel page


New travel brochures have been posted to the Travel web page so you can view them directly and print if you wish. New upcoming trip brochures are for:

Totem Pole July 12, 2014

Delaware Park Casino August 20, 2014

General Meeting Minutes – January 8, 2014

The Laurel Senior Friendship Club met on January 8, 2014, at the Laurel/Beltsville Senior Activity Center. President Ron Mayhugh opened the meeting at 10:30 a.m. and introduced Susan Ardolini who is the new Rental Manager of the Center. Chaplain Pauline Pivowar offered a prayer. We followed
with the Pledge of Allegiance; and our choir gave us God Bless America, Jingle Bells, and Frosty the Snowman.

On this first meeting in the new year, Ron thanked each Vice President and Committee Chair for their devoted service. Ron then announced that we have
two major problems facing us this year. First, the current vice presidents do not want to move up to the President position so we need to be thinking about someone to fill this job next year. The second problem is the cost of luncheons.
Since caterers are now charging $8 to $10 per meal, we are subsidizing this cost by charging only $7. We can tell from our own grocery bills that prices are going up.

Ron has invited Mary Lehman, County Councilwoman, to attend our February
meeting. It might be possible for us to get a grant from her to help with our lunches. We have received a $2,000 grant from her which was requested last year to partially defray the cost of the 85+ luncheon and our Volunteer Appreciation luncheon.

Ron introduced Laurel Police Chief Richard McLaughlin who acknowledged the importance of retaining our independence and our drivers license. He summed
his message up with: BE AWARE, BE KNOWLEDGEABLE, and BE PREPARED. If we are not confident driving at night, don’t drive.

Carol Kosydar reported that her committee sent Christmas cards to everyone on her Helping Hands list; sent 35 other cards; made 25 calls; made 2 visits; and delivered 3 gifts during December. She further said she had enough money in
donations to purchase a transport wheelchair and would like to purchase another one. She asked us all to send cards or notes to Normand Chagnon who is ill.

Jackie Sanders thanked us for participating in the raffles last year. These raffles made a good sum to add to our Treasury. There will be no new fund raising projects until March. The 50/50 resulted in $58 for the Treasury and $29 each for Joe Johnston and James Levan. The last Club 200 drawing resulted in $50 each for Jean McMahon, Millie Lindenberger, and two $50 tickets for Sondra Sewell. The two $500 winners were Winnie Morgans and Helen Coaplin. The
first and second prizes for the Christmas tree raffle were won by Nancy Franklin and Shirley Stevenson respectively. The tree itself with its gift certificates and
chocolates was won by Joyce Weir.

Joe Skladany noted that the Caribbean cruise in February and the Pittsburgh Falling Water trip in April are both filled. More travel information is located elsewhere in this newsletter as well as online on the LSFC website.

Attendance was 93 individuals; and our greeters were Jean and Bob McMahon.
Chaplain Pauline Pivowar gave the benediction; and we adjourned at 12:05 p.m..

President’s Corner – January 2014

Presidents Corner

Hello Members,
On behalf of our Officers and myself “Thank You” for giving us another year to serve the LSFC. I want to give a big “THANK YOU” to all the Chairs, Co-Chairs, and their committee members who have given so much of their time and commitment in making our Club so successful. Now, I need your help to begin thinking, asking, and praying for a member to be willing to serve as your President in 2015!

I am very sorry to announce that our Program Chair, Dominic Giachino, has to step down because of family obligations. I know we have a member who would be willing to serve in this position. Please give Eileen Pastore a call.

We are very appreciative of our Prince George’s Council member Mary E. Lehman who has provided us with a Special Appropriation Grant of $2,000.

In closing, I hope that we  can have more of our members attending our General Meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.
“The glory of life is to love, not to be loved; to give, not to get; to serve, not to be served.”
God Bless,

President’s Corner – November 2013

Presidents Corner

Good Morning Members,
Thank you to those who attended our October General Meeting. We had 116 members present. For those who were not there, we missed seeing ―YOU‖.
I want to express our sincere appreciation to Bill & Betty Girvan and Howard Fenton who for years have picked up bagels and donuts from Weis for our General Meetings. Howard meets them in the parking lot with a cart and helps bring them into the building. All the members deeply appreciate your service to our Club.

November is the month in which we acknowledge our Veteran Members who served our country in time of war and peace. No words can adequately express our deep appreciation to all who served their country with honor. May God Bless each one (men and women). This is also a time for us to give thanks, praise, and Thanksgiving – Psalm 106:1 says ―O give thanks unto the Lord, call upon His name: make known His deeds among the people.

For each member of the LSFC, your Executive Committee wishes ―you‖ a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving. We can accomplish more together than we can alone.
God Bless,

General Meeting Minutes – November 13, 2013

General Meeting Minutes – November 13, 2013

The Laurel Senior Friendship Club met on November 13, 2013, at the Laurel-Beltsville Senior Activity Center. The Vice President, Jim Gordon, opened the meeting at 10:30 a.m.. Our Chaplain, Gloria Laura, offered a prayer. We had a very impressive presentation of the Colors by The Honor Guard from Ft Meade as we pledged Allegiance to our flag. Jim recognized all of our veterans who were present and thanked them for their service. Our Choir gave us America the Beautiful, Over the River, and Peace by the River. Jim gave the Treasurer’s report. The Club had a good monthly net profit due to Jackie and Carol’s fund raising activities. Today’s coffee fund brought in $20.25. The October Craft Show was also a success.

Our Treasurer, Betty Mannas, announced she is continuing the “Pocket Change for the Hungry” activity this month and next month. Lorraine Miller and the Rosie the Riveter group are collecting coupons for the military.

The Club will absorb part of the cost of December’s lunch by charging only $5.00 for it. Attendance was 121 individuals; and our greeters were Barbara Wargo and Dorothy Zagby.

Our Travel Coordinator, Margaret Field, announced we have sign-up sheets for several trips next year, including a Caribbean Cruise and a Niagara Falls trip.
Jackie Sanders, our Fund Raising Chair, thanked us for participating in the Bag and Box sale. She said they have sold many of the Club 200 tickets; and there are still about 20 tickets left to sell. The final drawing for the Club 200 raffle will be held at the January General Meeting. Both the Bakeless Bake sale and the Walmart gift card raised a promising amount of funds for the club. Jackie didn’t have a total yet on the Christmas tree raffle which is ongoing through December. This tree will contain several gift cards; including Red Lobster, Three Brothers, Boston Market, Silver Diner, and a nail salon. The total value of the Tree will be
around $200. A portion of this profit will go to the Ronald McDonald House. She thanked Esther Mills for the small raffles she conducts.

Jim welcomed new members; and thanked those members who brought desserts today. The 50/50 drawing resulted in $63 for the Treasury and $21 each to Dorothy Zagby, Barbara Hall, and Barbara Johnston. Since the election of officers for 2014 had only one contested office, that of First Vice President, the Secretary cast a single ballot for the election of all other Officers. After the ballots were counted, Tom Dernoga was elected as First Vice President.
Jim and Sergeant Peterson of the Air Force portrayed a very moving presentation of the missing man ceremony which remembers and honors all MIA/POWs. The Chaplain, Gloria Laura, gave the benediction;
and we adjourned at 11:30 a.m..